First of all, thank you for reading Blessed Days!


I’m new to the comic scene and this project is a huge step for me, personally. Although my drawing skills aren’t completely insufferable, drawing a panel would take me about 10 hours (16 if it’s especially detailed) and that way it would take several weeks of hard work to finish even just one page worth of material, so I chose a different approach and I primarily use 3D models and stock images to create my panels, putting them trough massive layers of image editing and some basic refinement. The list would grow endless if I’d go into specifics (I’ll give some attribution in a credits section + whenever it is required), but VRoid Studio, the Pixabay and CGTrader creators, + some from are HUGE help in making this happen the way it does. If you, by any chance find your own work included in mine and decide that you’d prefer to be attributed in the Credits section, send me a mail to with the linked source material, an alternative contact already made public with it and the form of attribution you request. I’d be happy to make it happen, same if you want the attribution removed (not the content itself)! The comic series, although partially a derivative, features its own story, world, characters and personal touches to the composition, it’s to be treated as an original and not to be shared without attribution (already included in the images).


We live in turbulent times, the online sphere is a battlefield where every message, every narrative is also a potential grenade to be diffused before heard. People pick the most noble excuses to be casually cruel to each other, ganging up and bullying became a sport for the masses and it matters not whether someone is left, right or in between, we always find a reason to be frustrated, along with someone to blame. It’s no exaggeration to say that interacting with others often scares the shit out of me. I use creativity and humor to cope with such anxieties. I sincerely hope my webcomic series doesn’t offend you in any way (because that’s not the intention) but in case it does, allow me to apologize in advance, you’re welcome to stop reading and do self-care. I reserve the right not to platform comments I find bad for my mental health but I never engage in harassing or bullying anyone, especially over respectful disagreements and any of my readers who would, does not represent me!


My mom died two years after I started grade school. She was a mess, but a mess I’ll always carry in my heart. I wish to give Robin and her child the years we didn’t have. The fun and the scary, the good and the bad. That is all for now.


Have a Blessed Day!
Inky Moondrop